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The Artist

evocative: bringing strong thoughts, memories or feelings to mind

Andrew Bergh, PhotographerAfter practicing law for many years, Andrew (“Andy”) Bergh decided it was time to chase his passion for photography. The transition began when Andy bought his first Canon digital camera in 2010. Since then, his reputation as a fine art photographer who creates evocative images has steadily grown. Whether it be one of his travel, landscape, nature, urban, black and white, or abstract photographs, Andy’s images are striking for their perspective and vivid detail.

Here are some of Andy’s thoughts about digital photography:

While an eye for composition is a must, the act of pressing a shutter button to capture an image only starts the journey. That’s because digital cameras, even those with every bell and whistle, record images differently than the human eye. They also can’t think or feel. So once the image has been recorded digitally, it then falls upon the photographer to provide the human – and creative – element.

To help achieve his own unique look, Andy often uses a technique called high dynamic range imaging, or “HDR” for short. This involves two steps. First, in the field, Andy sets his camera to sequentially take three (or more) shots of the same subject matter at different exposures. Second, in the digital studio, he uses software to merge the multiple exposures into a single image. The end result? A single image that is perfectly exposed with exceptional detail everywhere, even in the shadow and highlight areas. With additional “post-processing,” Andy creates images that reveal his artistic and/or interpretive vision of what he saw or experienced. Many of his images have a “painting-like” quality that contributes to their evocative mood.

The Online Store

Bergh Images offers evocative images at its online store in three different mediums – metal prints, canvas prints, and fine art acrylic prints.

Metal prints and fine art acrylic prints are available in four sizes, either “standard” or “panorama.”  The two standard sizes are 16×24 and 20×30, while the two panorama sizes are 15×30 and 20×40.  All images have either a “landscape” (i.e., horizontal) orientation or a “portrait” (i.e., vertical) orientation.

Canvas prints are likewise available in four different sizes.  The two standard sizes are 16×24 and 24×36, while the two panorama sizes are 15×30 and 20×40.

If a particular image really catches your eye and you want to know whether it’s available in another size, please email your inquiry, along with your desired specifications, to customorders@andrewb298.sg-host.com.

Andy is a perfectionist who insists on impeccable quality for his photographic products.  For more details regarding his metal prints, canvas prints, and fine art acrylic prints, please visit the What To Order page.

The Bergh Images “Brick-and-Mortar” Gallery

In the fall of 2018, Andy opened his own gallery on Bainbridge Island, which is a relaxing and scenic 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle, Washington. Bergh Images is a short walk from the ferry terminal and just down the street from the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. If you’d like additional information regarding the gallery’s debut, please read this post from Andy’s blog.

Bergh Images is unique and readily distinguishable from other art galleries in King County and Kitsap County for a variety of reasons:

  • Exclusive focus on fine art photography. Unlike other galleries which only dabble from time to time in photographic art, this is all Bergh Images does.
  • An impressive selection of metal prints, canvas prints, and fine art acrylic prints of the same evocative images available online. The gallery, however, has prints in additional sizes – as small as 8×12 and as large as 36×54.
  • Custom-framed black and white prints. In keeping with Andy’s insistence on quality, all framed prints come with glare-free Museum glass and thick, 8-ply custom mats to convey an instant gallery look.  The dimension of most framed prints is approximately 22×28.
  • An amazing inventory of custom matted prints. For traditionalists who prefer paper prints and want to select their own frames, the gallery features matted prints in four standard mat sizes – 12×16, 16×20, 18×24, and 22×28. Each print is made individually by Andy on one of his high-end Epson inkjet printers, using only archival-quality materials to ensure longevity. Not all professional photographic papers are created alike, as the choices include color (e.g., bright white or off-white) and finish (e.g., smooth or textured). Andy’s signature on every print attests to the fact that he chose what in his estimation was the ideal paper for that particular image.
  • Free shipping on most custom orders of metal prints, canvas prints, and fine art acrylic prints. For the convenience of customers visiting the Seattle area on either business or vacation (and also those who live locally), the gallery offers free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States on most custom orders of metal prints, canvas prints, and fine art acrylic prints. In most cases, your purchase should arrive at your doorstep in approximately 15 days.

Given its exclusive focus on photography; its exciting array of photographic products offered; and its policy of free shipping on most custom orders – all in combination with Andy’s evocative images – Bergh Images Gallery is one of the few “go-to” destinations for fine art photography in the Puget Sound area.

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