How to Order | Bergh Images | Fine Art Photography | Detailed Instructions for Online Ordering

When you click on a gallery on my website and then click on a specific image, you will see the image in the left two-thirds and the list of products and prices in the right one-third.

If you manually want to see every image in the thumbnail strip at the bottom of the screen, use the arrows to the left and right of the main image. The title of the image being displayed appears below the bottom left corner of the image.

Screenshot of slideshow operation

If you prefer to view the thumbnails in an automated carousel format, hit the “play” button in the lower left corner.  The button to the immediate right – a lower case “i” – will toggle the title of the image on and off.

Screenshot toggle example

If you’re interested in buying a print, it’s all about the image.  If you want to see only the image without any distractions, you can accomplish this in two ways.  First, in the right one-third, you can click on the circled right turn arrow to the right of “ADD TO CART,” which will collapse the list of prints and products and move the image to the center.  Or, you can click on the shopping cart icon in the lower left corner next to the “play” and “i” buttons.  If you also don’t want to view the thumbnail strip, click on the down arrow below the middle of the image.

Screenshot toggle cart on and off

It’s easy to restore the list of prints and products after viewing the image full screen.  Just click on either the shopping cart icon in the lower left corner or the circled black “x” in the upper right hand corner.

Screenshot with no cart

When you are in the shopping cart, you will see a description of each item you wish to buy.  This will include a “jpg” name which may or may not match the title of the image when you viewed it in the gallery.  You should therefore use the thumbnail, and not the jpg name, to verify that the images you want are in the shopping cart.

Check your shopping cart

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