Image of the Week: Lake Quinault Dock | Andrew Bergh Travel Photography
Image of the Week: Lake Quinault Dock

¿Dónde está el baño de hombres más cercano?

In case you understand Spanish, I don’t really need to know where the nearest men’s bathroom is.  But since partner Carol and I leave for Spain today, I just thought I should brush up on some essential phrases that might come in handy while visiting Barcelona and Madrid.

As an unabashed anglophile who loves everything British, my knowledge of Spanish history is pretty slim (though I do know the British navy defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588).  But the more I read up on Barcelona and Madrid in our Rick Steves guidebooks, I definitely see potential down the road for also being an hispanophile (and yes, that’s a real word).  More importantly, I’ve been tracking the extended forecasts for both Barcelona and Madrid for several weeks now, and it looks like we’ll be avoiding rain for most of our two-week stay.  For purposes of photography, that is just excellent news!  Since we have no images from Spain as of yet, though, the featured image is another shot from our recent outing to Lake Quinault on the Olympic Peninsula.  In my experience, docks and piers are almost always photogenic, especially around dawn or sunset in a gorgeous natural setting like Lake Quinault.

Many of the images that you see in my posts are not yet viewable in my online galleries.  It’s time to get current, so one of my top resolutions for the New Year is to update existing galleries while adding new ones.  In the meantime, if you happen to be in our neck of the woods, please do visit our gallery on Bainbridge Island.  We have a wide selection of landscape, urban, and travel images, including an excellent assortment of metal prints, canvas prints, custom-framed black-and-white prints, and fine art acrylic prints.  For gallery hours, please consult our Contact page.

¡Feliz año nuevo!  In case your Spanish is shaky, this is something you could say three days from now when the clock strikes midnight.

Adiós for now,

Andrew (Andy) Bergh

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