Image of the Week: Morning Mist | Andrew Bergh Travel Photography
Image of the Week: Morning Mist

“A cloudlike aggregation of minute globules of water suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth’s surface, reducing visibility to a lesser degree than fog.”

This mouthful – 26 words, to be exact – is how one reputable online dictionary defines what I have always considered to be a pretty simple four-letter word: “mist.”  I suppose it’s fine as far as definitions go, but does anyone really talk like this?  In any event, since my last post featured fog, I thought a moody image with mist would be a logical and natural follow-up.  The setting for this particular shot – taken on a cold wintry day in late November – is one of the marinas in Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island where I live.  I still remember the early morning chill, but if you want to capture mist when the water is calm and the sailboats (and their captains) are still sleeping, that’s the price you pay.

The name of this image?  One option was, “Morning Aggregation of Minute Globules of Suspended Water.”  I instead went with “Morning Mist,” which seemed to have a much nicer ring to it.

I offer canvas prints in both my online store and my gallery on Bainbridge Island.  Thick canvas prints offer yet another way to tastefully and colorfully decorate your home or office.  The image of your choice is printed directly onto museum quality canvas by a high-quality Giclée printer and then stretched around  “stretcher bars” made of 1.5” fir.  If you’d like to see how “Morning Mist” looks on canvas – along with my wide assortment of matted, metal, and fine acrylic prints – please stop by and visit my gallery!  For directions and hours, my Contact page should have everything you need.

Ciao for now!

Andrew (“Andy”) Bergh


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