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Revisiting Prague: Image of the Week

Old Town Hall Tower

One year ago I had the good fortune to visit the Czech Republic for the very first time, so it seems appropriate to feature an image (or two) from Prague.  If you have never traveled to this historic and beautiful capital, which thankfully was spared from the horrific bombing in World War II that decimated so many European cities, it definitely deserves a high spot on your bucket list.  When you experience firsthand the friendliness and safety of this thriving democracy, it is hard to believe only 29 years have elapsed since the so-called Velvet Revolution in 1989, which is when Czechoslovakia finally escaped the shackles of Communism and the Soviet bloc.  (Four years later in 1993, the country was peaceably split to form the present-day Czech Republic and Slovakia.)

The primary image depicts the Old Town Hall Tower in the historical core of Prague.  Built in 1338, the tower abuts a square that is usually jam-packed with a combination of tourists and local natives.  By rising at the crack of dawn, I was able to capture the tower before the daily throngs arrived – though I had to wait until 7:39 a.m. (see clock) before the sun provided enough meaningful light.

The below image captures a portion of the 2,037-foot-long Charles Bridge, which crosses the Vltava River separating Prague Castle from the city’s Old Town.  The oldest bridge in Prague, its construction took place between 1357 and 1402.  (Like I said, Prague has loads of history!  Did I mention the House of Hapsburg, which ruled for almost four centuries to 1918?)  For the best experience, traverse the bridge in the early morning or early evening hours when the pedestrian-only bridge isn’t teeming with crowds.

Charles Bridge

Except for a few images in my Panoramas gallery, most of my Czech Republic photographs aren’t yet available on my website.  Please stay tuned, as I will be adding two new online galleries – one for the UK and another for Europe (Florence/Paris/Prague) – in the very near future.  Another option, of course, is to stop by my gallery in Bainbridge Island and view them firsthand.  For gallery hours, please visit my Contact page.

This is my second blog.  The more the merrier, so if you are enjoying what you have read and seen so far, please tell your family and friends about my website.

Ciao for now!

Andrew (“Andy”) Bergh

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