Black & White : Fishing trips - Near Sitka | Andrew Bergh Travel Photography
Black & White : Fishing trips – Near Sitka

Once every great while I like to pretend that I’m a fisherman by going fishing somewhere.  Why I can even come up with an impressive-sounding list of past fishing venues!  Let’s see, I’ve lured brown trout to my hook in the Sierra Nevadas, caught mackinaw in the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe, fly-fished for rainbows while floating down the Yakima River, and limited out on silvers in the coastal waters near Sitka.

Impressed?  Don’t be, since I had to rack my brain to come up with just these four examples (which cumulatively account for only about 10 days of actual fishing).  The point to be made, however, is that I do actually enjoy fishing.  Even if the fish aren’t biting, what is there not to like when you’re relaxing in the great outdoors?  I just wish more of my friends owned a fishing boat and asked me to tag along.  (To get more invites, though, I should probably buy my own fishing gear and learn how to tie fishing knots or untangle my spinning reel.)

Beautiful scenery, of course, is one more reason to enjoy fishing.  The above image was taken during a short fishing trip to Sitka, which is reachable by only boat or plane.  Our daily routine was to leave the marina at the crack of dawn and boat lickety-split for about an hour to one of the outer islands.  The name of this particular island?  No clue, as there were just too many of them.  The water in the open sea was choppy, which enhanced the risk of camera movement, so I shot in the “burst” (i.e., continuous shooting) mode in the hope at least one exposure would be reasonably sharp.  While the technique doesn’t always work, this time it did.  This image well illustrates how black and white accentuates the raw power of a dramatic landscape.

There is no doubt panoramas are equally compelling in color.  For details, please visit this page at my online store.  I also have a great selection of panoramas in matted, metal, canvas, and fine art acrylic prints at my gallery on Bainbridge Island.  For gallery hours, please visit my Contact page.

Ciao for now!

Andrew (“Andy”) Bergh

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