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The Gallery: Bergh Images Has Moved!

Location, location, location!

I am extremely pleased to announce that Bergh Images has a brand new home on Bainbridge Island.  Instead of being off the beaten path, our gallery is now situated on Winslow Way, the main drag in downtown Winslow, across the street from our local Chamber of Commerce office.  For those who have never visited the island, let me add that I use the word “downtown” somewhat loosely since the storefronts and other businesses on Winslow Way only take up about four blocks.  Winslow – the historical heart of the island named after Winslow Hall, a prominent local shipbuilder in the late 19th century – is just a stone’s throw away from the nearby ferry terminal in Eagle Harbor.

The new gallery also features a completely different look.  Between the “aged silver” bamboo floors, the alabaster white walls, and the Cinema Black ceiling tiles, the place looks downright dressy!  If you look at the “before-and-after” photos below, I think you’ll agree we’ve come a long way since signing the lease.  Some things haven’t changed at all, though, as we still offer an excellent assortment of matted, metal, canvas and fine art acrylic prints, as well as professionally framed black-and-white prints.  In addition, we are expanding our product line to include other items like attractive cutting boards, decorative tiles and sandstone coasters – and yes, even 500- and 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles.  The first shipment from Ravensburger – one of the oldest jigsaw puzzle manufacturers in existence (founded in Germany in 1883) renowned for its high quality – should arrive any day!

Here are the before-and-after images:

As you can see, there has been quite the transformation!

We look forward to seeing you at the new gallery.  Depending on how briskly you walk, you shouldn’t have more than a 10-minute stroll if you arrive by ferry!

Ciao for now!

Andrew (“Andy”) Bergh

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