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Travel: Czech Rooftops

It’s just a matter of time before one of my online galleries features nothing but rooftop shots.  Slowly but surely I am building up my repertoire.

The above image was taken in Český Krumlov.  This fairy-tale town in southern Bohemia is one of the Czech Republic’s finest medieval sites.  To say Český Krumlov is “old” would be quite the understatement since its “golden age” ended in the 16th century.  (Sadly, after ruling the town for three centuries, the Rozmberk family ran out of money and had to sell out to the Hapsburgs – and there went the neighborhood.)

Český Krumlov was built below a magnificent castle founded in the 13th century.  Its colorful round tower, featuring a 162-step climb to the top, was the dramatic vantage point for my rooftop image.  (Until my legs give out, I vow to climb any tower if that’s what it takes to obtain a bird’s-eye view of things.)

Tiny Ceský Krumlov, with only 1,000 full-time inhabitants or so, feels like an island because it’s almost completely encircled by a hairpin bend in the Vltava River.  Its Old Town – a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site – is a maze of twisting alleys and crooked, cobblestone streets.  At the heart of the Old Town is the main square, lined with a mix of Renaissance and Baroque homes of burghers that were all built atop 12th-century Gothic foundations.  Although McDonald’s, the global fast food restaurant chain, has tried on three occasions to get a spot here, it was turned away each time.  For my own selfish reasons, I think this is just as well because Golden Arches would surely be out of place in my image.

Prints of my “Czech Rooftops” image are available in my gallery on Bainbridge Island in four different mat sizes.  As with all of my matted prints, only archival-quality materials are used.  In case you prefer metal, canvas, or fine art acrylic prints, however, custom orders are always welcome.  For details, please stop by and visit my gallery.

Ciao for now!

Andrew (“Andy”) Bergh

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