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Travel: The Kalaloch property

I have previously raved about Lake Quinault, which is on the Olympic Peninsula, and about a three-hour getaway by car from Seattle.  Situated in the Quinault Rainforest, the lake and its rustic lodge of the same name is truly a temporary haven from the hustle and bustle of city life.

But there are many other options, too, on the Peninsula.  One of them is the resort at Kalaloch (pronounced KLAY-lock), which offers the only year-round lodging in Olympic National Park – not to mention stupendous views of the mighty Pacific Ocean.  (Although most of the park, which encompasses nearly a million acres, is landlocked, 75 miles of coastline – including the Kalaloch area – were added in 1953 by President Truman.)

The Kalaloch property includes charming rooms in the Main Lodge, cozy cabins, and hotel-style rooms in nearby Seacrest House.  Travelers who want fancy accommodations and the usual modern niceties, however, need not apply.  As the resort states without apology in its online advertising, there are no TVs, WiFi, or phones in its rooms because nature is the “main attraction” in Olympic National Park.  Instead, visitors are encouraged to “unplug, unwind, and enjoy” themselves.  Guests have apparently been complying because Kalaloch Lodge consistently receives high marks as a “Best Northwest Escape,” especially for its sunsets and storm watching.

Perched on a 50-foot bluff where Kalaloch Creek flows gradually into the driftwood-lined beach, the Main Lodge offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.  The featured image was taken just a few steps away from its entrance.  But in case you ever do visit Kalaloch, please be forewarned that annual precipitation there is measured in feet – with an average of eight and a half feet of rain every year.

If a relaxing visit to Kalaloch (or Lake Quinault) isn’t in the cards right now, please visit our online store or stop by our gallery on Bainbridge Island where we have an excellent assortment of matted prints, metal prints, canvas prints, fine art acrylic prints, and custom-framed black-and-white prints, including images from the Olympic Peninsula.  For gallery hours, please consult our Contact page.

Ciao for now!

Andrew (“Andy”) Bergh

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