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This is Andrew Bergh – and thank you for visiting my “What To Order” page.

In the digital age, photographic images can be displayed on a wide variety of materials.  For my online store, I’ve chosen three different mediums: metal prints, fine art acrylic prints, and canvas prints.  Since quality is always paramount at Bergh Images, you can rest assured that your artwork – whichever medium you choose – will be carefully assembled with materials designed to last a lifetime (if not longer).  Plus, as long as you live in the “lower 48” states, the flat rate shipping charge for your online order will only be $15.00.

Metal prints

Metal Print "Docking Ferry"
Metal print “Docking Ferry”

Metal prints are available in four sizes, either “standard” or “panorama.”  The two standard sizes are 16×24 and 20×30, while the two panorama sizes are 15×30 and 20×40.  The prices for each size are visible when you click on a given image in one of the galleries.  For more details, please visit the “How To Order” page.

Metal prints offer a sleek, luminous way to add chic elegance to your home or office with a modern touch.  The image is infused directly onto a thin aluminum panel under high temperature and pressure, thereby creating a clear, sharp, vibrant, and durable print.  Its glossy coating further intensifies the colors to really help them “pop” off the metal.  The “shadow mount,” which consists of a lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame attached to the back of the print with a hanging wire for easy display, creates an appealing “float” effect off the wall.

To reduce expenses, many artists sell metal prints without any backing.  Given my insistence on quality, Bergh Images adds “premium backing” (see below) at extra cost to help ensure your metal print oozes quality and substance.

Without and with premium backing
Without premium backing (left) and with premium backing (right)

The metal prints are made by a local fine art printing company who always meets my rigorous standards. 

Fine art acrylic prints

Acrylic Print "Docking Ferry"
Acrylic print “Docking Ferry”

Fine art acrylic prints are available in the same sizes as my metal prints.  The standard sizes are 16×24 and 20×30, while the panorama sizes are 15×30 and 20×40.  They also have the same pricing as metal prints.  For more details, please visit the “How To Order” page.

Fine art acrylic prints are a contemporary, cutting edge medium for displaying images.  Compared to how metal prints are made, the process is relatively simple.  After the image is printed on glossy paper using a high-grade giclee printer, it is face-mounted to a sheet of cast acrylic using optically clear, archival adhesive.  Thanks in part to the light-capturing qualities of acrylic, the end result is a unique print with strikingly vivid colors, stunning depth, and crisp edges.  A sturdy shadow mount like those used on metal prints is attached to the back of the print to ensure ease of hanging.

Canvas prints

Thick canvas prints offer yet another way to tastefully and colorfully decorate your home or office. Regular canvas prints are available in two sizes – 16×24 and 24×36 – while panoramas come in 15×30 and 20×40. The image of your choice is printed directly onto museum quality canvas by a high-quality giclee printer and then stretched around “stretcher bars” made of 1.5″ fir. A “mirror” wrap is used on the edges (see below) so the entire image can be viewed from the front.

Mirror wrap on canvas prints
Mirror wrap on canvas prints

To further enhance quality, the fine art printing company that I use adds the following: protective UV and scratch resistant laminate in a gloss finish; protective dust-free backing; and hanging wire for easy display.

Custom orders

If you would like to buy a metal print, fine art acrylic print, or canvas print in another size, please send an email to customorders@andrewb298.sg-host.com with your requested specifications. We will timely respond and quote you a price unless the requested size exceeds our resolution requirements.


Since every computer monitor displays colors differently, there may be a difference between the colors shown on your monitor and the actual colors of any artwork that you buy from me. I regularly calibrate my monitor and use other quality control measures, however, so please rest assured that the actual colors in your artwork should, if anything, be even more pleasing to your eye.

Commitment to Customers

100% satisfaction guaranteed. I am hoping you will be thrilled – not merely satisfied – by your purchases from Bergh Images. But if for any reason you are not, I will cheerfully exchange them or refund 100% of your investment without any hassles or hard feelings. You can even take up to three months to decide. (I only ask that returns be in “like-new” condition.)

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